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Exceeding Expectations Every Time

Whether you are Buying or Selling, making a GREAT Real Estate decision is of critical importance to you. Our mission is to exceed your expectations every time. It is our job to make YOUR move as simple and stress free as possible.

Our strategy is to get to know you and ask enough questions so we have a clear picture of your short and long-term Real Estate goals. Once we have a shared vision of your preferred Real Estate future, then we go to work to help you achieve it.

If we serve as your Buyers’ Agent, the we go into search mode to find you a property that will be a GOOD DEAL now and a GREAT DEAL 5 years from now.

If we are listing your home for sale, then our commitment is to do our research so you can arrive at an informed pricing decision. Next, we will give you seasoned advice on getting your home ready to sell, and the best strategy to help your home WIN a contract (after all, your home is competing with all the other listings in your price range). Then, “a picture is worth a 1000 words” so we hire a professional to take great photos. Finally, once we have an offer, we will NEGOTIATE to get you the very best deal we possibly can.

Combined, Laura and I have 22 years of experience in the Real Estate industry. and in the past two decades I have seen many changes in our Mid MO market. We access that historical knowledge base and embrace the modern technological tool base on your behalf.

When you choose Phil and Laura as your agents, you are truly getting two agents for the price of one. We will both bring our unique insights and perspectives to best serve you in the purchase or sale of a home,